The State of Alabama requires licensees to complete Continuing Education prior to their license being renewed.

The first reporting period is October 1, 2014- September 30, 2016 and biennially thereafter.

All courses and providers must be Board approved.

Funeral Directors/Embalmers are required to complete 8-hours biennially. Licensees who hold more than one license issued by the Board may use the same continuing education hours for renewal of both licenses without having to earn separate continuing education hours for each license renewal.

Alabama requires a certificate of completion and licensees must retain certificates a minimum of 3 years for state auditing purposes.

Licensees may claim credit for attendance for CE courses in other states as long as the programs are recognized and have been approved by the Alabama Board of Funeral Service.

Licensees who are 65 years of age or older and have held a license for 10 years prior to the end of the reporting period are exempt from CE requirements.

Alabama Administrative Code 395-X-2-.07

Approved Continuing Education Providers 2016-2018

Continuing Education Guidelines (Providers/Instructors)

Continuing Education Instructions (Providers/Instructors)

Application for Provider/Course Approval

Application for Instructor Approval