Section 34-13-26 Complaints (a) The board shall adopt and enforce for the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare reasonable rules pursuant to the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act. (b) The board may hold hearings, conduct investigations, subpoena witnesses, subpoena documents, administer oaths, and take testimony in order to carry out Title 34, Chapter 13 of the Code of Alabama 1975 and Administrative Code 395.

395-X-4-.03 Any person who feels that a licensee has committed an act which is in violation of state laws or regulations relating to funeral service may make a complaint to the Board. The Board will only accept formal written complaints unless in the discretion of the Board representative receiving the complaint, there is sufficient information supplied by an oral complaint to warrant further investigation. After a complaint is received and reviewed, the Board staff shall send a copy of the complaint to the affected licensee by certified mail. The licensee shall answer the complaint in writing within twenty (20) days. After receipt of the response from the licensee or lapse of 20 days, the Board may conduct an investigation into the charges. If an investigation is initiated, upon its completion, the investigator, along with one Board member and/or legal counsel, shall review the evidence obtained to decide if an administrative hearing by the Board is necessary. If such hearing takes place, the Board and its staff shall inform the accused licensee and meet any other requirements as set forth in Title 34, Chapter 13, and Title 41, Chapter 22, Code of Ala. 1975, relating to administrative hearings.