Preneed sales agents are registered through holders of Preneed Certificates of Authority (certificate holders). Only an authorized signer of a certificate holder may register, terminate, or renew preneed sales agents.

New Preneed Sales Agent Registration

Each person selling preneed merchandise and services and/or cemetery merchandise and services must be registered. A certificate holder must have at least one registered preneed sales agent. The certificate holder and preneed sales agent applicant must complete their respective part of Form No. AL-PNS-4 (10/2023). The completed form along with the $33.00 registration fee, should be mailed to:

Alabama Board of Funeral Services
4276 Lomac Street
Montgomery, AL 36106


Any application to the Board for a license, certificate, or registration made on behalf of a sole proprietorship, firm, corporation, partnership, joint venture, or limited liability company for a certificate of authority to sell preneed contracts shall be sworn to by each:

  1. Owner, partner, member, shareholder, and/or other principal of such entity controlling a 10% or greater interest in the entity; and
  2. Any other individual(s) or officer(s) as may be needed to legally bind the entity.

A background check fee of $38.25 is required with each application.

Cancellation of Appointment of Preneed Sales Agent Form

A certificate holder who has registered a preneed sales agent must notify the Board in writing within 30 days after the individual’s status as preneed sales agent has been terminated. The notice can be mailed to the above address. Include the certificate holder’s company name, certificate of authority number, the name of the PSA being terminated, and his/her license number in the notification.

Renewal of Preneed Sales Agent Registration

Renewal of Preneed Sales Agents Registrations must now be processed through an application provided here.  The renewal feel of $30 must accompany the renewal application.  Applications and fees must be mailed to the above address.  Preneed Sales Agent Registration Renewals may be submitted Beginning July 1st and run through September 1st of each year.  Renewal applications received September 2nd through October 1st must have the $100 late fee accompanying the application and renewal fee.  If a Preneed Sales Agent Registration is not renewed by October 1st, the registration becomes inactive and all sales of preneed must cease.  Preneed sales may not resume until a new Preneed Sales Agent Application, supporting documentation/checklists, all fees and fines including the $100 late fee have been submitted to the Board and approved.