Contact: Geraldine Thomas

(334) 240-4420


This has been a hectic year with changes to the law, new regulations, revisions to filing requirements and changes to filing deadlines. The Division’s fax machine and phones have rung non-stop this week and the e-mails have remained steady as well. As of the renewal deadline, we have received less than half of the expected renewals. Therefore, a decision has been made to extend the renewal deadline for one week. Complete renewals must be received in our office not later than 5 pm on July 8, 2015, and/or be post-marked not later than July 7, 2015. Fees/fines will not begin to accrue until July 9, 2015, which is also the date Certificate Holders will enter default and must cease writing preneed if the renewal requirements have not been met.

Please be patient with the Preneed Division as we try to respond to all calls and e-mails.

Please be advised: Harland Dyer’s contract work with the Preneed Division ceased on Friday, June 26, 2015.

All contact should be made using our main number (334)240-4420 or to our main e-mail to avoid renewal delays.

A couple of reminders:

  • Proof of citizenship must accompany all renewals for each PSA and if the Certificate Holder is a partnership or sole proprietorship (not a corporation) then for each owner as well.
  • If a Certificate Holder funds with trust or are has an endowment care cemetery, then the revised trust agreement(s) or a copy of the participation agreement(s) must be included with the renewal.
  • Also, if a Certificate Holder funds with trust, trust statements should be included with the renewal unless previously provided with the semi-annual reports.
  • If a Certificate Holder has failed to make a required filing (Annual EC report or Semi-annual Report, Preneed Contract(s), etc.) or failed to adhere to a consent order, then the Certificate of Authority will not be renewed until such time as the Certificate Holder is in compliance.