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Each Certificate Holder and Branch Registrant must submit semi-annual reports. The reports due February 14, 2016, may be submitted through April 1st without penalty. The revised reports are available online:

If you fail to submit two consecutive semi-annual reports in accordance with the law, the Department may require quarterly reporting. Only those directed by the Department to do so, shall be required to report quarterly.


The Department has suspended the Financial Statement Exemption application process. The Exemptions granted in 2015 will be honored for the remainder of the renewal year (until June 30, 2016), but Quarterly Reports will no longer be required of those who received exemptions in 2015.


In the future, Certificate Holders will submit financial information online as part of the renewal process. More details will be provided in May 2016.


Upcoming Key dates:


  • April 1st Semi-Annuals Reports  All Certificate Holders & Branch Registrants (including funding documentation for the reporting period: July 1st – December 31st)


  • April 1st – Annual Inactive & Endowment Care Reports EXTENDED TO MAY 1st (including funding documentation for January 1st – December 31st)


  • April 14th – Deadline to terminate PSAs before renewal. By law, if a Certificate Holder terminates its relationship with a PSA, the DOI must be notified within 30 days. Notification in the form of a PSA registration termination may be made online through NIPR (see directions online) or by faxing or e-mailing the Preneed Division. Any PSAs not terminated prior to April 14th, will appear on the PSA invoice. The full amount of the invoice must be paid in order to renew PSAs, regardless of whether a PSA was subsequently reported as terminated.
  • May 1st – August 31stPSA Registration renewal period begins. PSAs must be renewed electronically through NIPR. Directions are on the website. There is not a late renewal period. On September 1st, any PSA Registrations not renewed will expire. By law, a Certificate Holder must have at least one PSA; therefore, the Certificate of Authority of any Certificate Holder who fails to renew its PSAs by the deadline, will also terminate.

Due to high call volume and e-mail volume, we ask that you continue to use the main Preneed phone number, fax number and e-mail address listed below. It is especially important to use this e-mail address when sending time-sensitive material or making any official filings. This box is monitored by several people; anything received is recorded as received and tracked.


Phone: (334)240-4420

Fax: (334)206-6347